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When The Baby Develops The 5 Senses

The newborn is born with his five developed senses, but it is through contact and stimuli with the environment that he refines vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Know when the baby’s senses develop!


This is the first meaning to be developed by the baby around the 5th or 6th week of gestation. At this stage he begins to feel the contact between his lips and nose with the amniotic fluid. When the baby is born, touch becomes one of the main senses to convey a sense of security and affection for the little ones. The contact between mothers and fathers with the baby through the skin, the lap and the affection stimulate this sense and give comfort to the baby.


The second meaning to be developed by the baby is hearing, around the third month of pregnancy babies can hear the mother’s heartbeat, her voice and some external sounds. So it is recommended that the mother listen to music and read aloud during pregnancy, as a way to establish the first bonds with the baby. When the child is born he is already listening perfectly, but still does not know how to identify the sounds that surround him. Gradually she becomes familiar with certain sounds and begins to know her mother’s voice.

Smell and taste

Did you know that the baby starts to smell odors from the mother’s belly? The odor of the uterus is the first one he recognizes and, after birth, he begins to distinguish smells, especially those familiar to him, such as that of his mother and father. Already the palate is gradually refining, especially after six months, when the baby can start eating fruits and savory baby food .


This is the last sense developed by children. When they are born, they do not see well, things are all blurred. Furthermore, newborns spend most of their time with their eyes closed, since after nine months in the dark in the mother’s womb, they are not used to the light, even if it is weaker for us. In dark environments they open those little curious eyes better. Around the first month they start to see a distance of 30 cm and after about 6 months they start to fix their eyes better.